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Have you participated in Occupy Wall Street? Why or why not?


The short answer is I have a job and don't have time. The long, more complex answer is: I'm not sure I agree with the movement. I mean, yes, I feel like there IS a problem in this country, where a lot of people are making a lot of money by exploitation and there are a LOT of people unemployed and struggling lately, and I support what I think the main idea of the protest is. But the whole thing is so...disorganized. I get it, there's a lot of different people from a lot of different backgrounds coming together to protest the situation they're in, which is similar, but they just don't have a good enough idea of what they're all fighting for.

There is a problem in this country. Our minimum wage is too low, companies are exploiting their workforce to make bigger and bigger profits, corporations are being allowed to send many of our jobs overseas*, our government is wasting money and bailing out corporations, there are too many kids graduating with college degrees and tons of debt who can't find jobs because EVERYONE has a degree now, etc. There's no easy solution, but a bunch of people being goofy/dumb and camping out on wall street aren't going to encourage people in charge to look for solutions.

Really, this protest would be a lot better if those protesting would kick out the idiots in costume who are just there to fuck around and the kids who went to college on daddy's money and now don't want to work, and came up with a concise list of issues they'd like to see tackled.

(( hi everybody. there isn't much going on in my life right now. :x sorry I haven't had much to say lately ))

Writer's Block: Occupy Wall-et

How much debt do you have?

Not much, I suppose. I owe $1900-ish on my car, and I usually have a $200-ish balance on my credit card but I use it for everything so the balance shifts a lot :O

Ark, on the other hand...buuuh. :T why I ever let the dog drive is a mystery.

IN OTHER NEWS...I still check LJ daily, just haven't had much to say? I'm really busy running my business, I guess. I tweet a whole fuckload, and most of that, in retrospect, isn't really LJ worthy. Nobody really wants to know about my drunken adventures with my room mates, or all the random day to day crap.

Furfright was rather awesome. Spent most of it hanging with friends instead of working, which was a nice break. Got a lot of awesome compliments on my suits, which was awesome <3

MWFF was a different story, I guess. Good money, and very glad I got to spend so much time with friends i don't see often ( especially my room mates, who are from Australia! ) but all in all, it's a weird con for me. I just don't know many people who regularly go, so I find myself awkwardly hanging around alone. Plus it's hard to meet up with people, so I missed most of the people I wanted to see anyways :/ But again, spent a lot of time hanging with a few good friends, which was nice C:

Next up are the holidays. Bleh. It says something about my family that they have to schedule dinner early to compensate for my relative's drinking schedules. :P Christmas is always really awkward for me. I'm not close to my family and never know what to get them. Maybe since Ark is 21 we'll buy fancy wine or something.

Anyways, I think i need to fin a program that'll send my tweets to LJ, so that way it doesn't seem like I'm totally dead. Although, TBH, I'm sure that would get annoying fast. xD

LJ is where my memes live

Did that personality thing everyone else is doing O:


You like your own company; you're a very interesting person. Tracking your own mental processes, knowing what you're thinking and why you do what you do, is important to you. Often, what's going on in your mind is more compelling than what's going on outside. For the most part, those with a high score on the "introspective" trait enjoy reading, taking long walks, learning new things, and other solitary activities.

You are not someone who is constantly looking to be among a group of friends; you never feel bored when you are by yourself.


You are good at solving problems, coming up with original ideas, and seeing connections between things, connections that most other people miss. People with a high score on the "creative" trait often are employed in such fields as finance and scientific research, and enjoy avant garde and classical music as well as literary fiction and scholarly non-fiction.

You do not shun abstractions and concepts in favor of the concrete and tangible.


You like to think a task through before you embark on it. If it's the slightest bit complicated, you make a list (even if it's only in your mind) and methodically work your way through it. When you have a goal in mind, you're not satisfied until you reach it.

You are not one of those people who ignore the details, and you don't understand how anyone can get anything accomplished without thoughtful planning ahead of time.


You appreciate art, beauty, and design; you know that they are not superficial but absolutely crucial to living the good life. You have good taste, and you're proud of it. Those with a high score on the "aesthetic" trait are often employed in literary or artistic professions, enjoy domestic activities — doing things around the house — and are enthusiastic about the arts, reading, and travel.

You don't think it's pretentious to be moved by art and beauty. You're not one of those who believe it doesn't matter what something looks like as long as it does its job.


You strive to master everything you undertake. You tend to learn quickly and do not shy away from challenges.

You are not a "que sera sera" type of person, nor do you go easy on yourself when attempting to master a new skill or get a job done.


You are a quick study. You generally don't need to have things explained to you more than once. When presented with a problem, you will often have an instant understanding of where to look for the solution.

You do not take your sweet time when presented with a new task to complete or problem to solve. You don't avoid assignments that require you to learn new skills.


You are thoughtful, rational, and comfortable in the world of ideas. People find you interesting to talk to. You're the living embodiment of the saying "You learn something new every day." In general, those with a high score on the "intellectual" trait are employed in such fields as teaching and research, and are enthusiastic about reading, foreign films, and classical music.

You do not avoid abstract conversation, experimenting with new ideas, or studying new things. It bores you to stick to the straight and narrow of what you already know.


You see the world clearly and objectively. You know there's a logical explanation for everything, and a logical solution to every problem; which is why you're such a good problem-solver.

You do not take your sweet time when presented with a new task to complete or problem to solve. You don't avoid assignments that require you to learn new skills.


You like to get to the bottom of things. You're not content knowing what someone did; you want to know why they did it.

You don't simply take things as they are and move on; you're not content skimming along on the surface; you don't feel you're wasting time by digging for the meaning of things.


You behave in a confident and forceful manner, take charge of the situation, raise your hand in class, stand up for what you think is right, and lead others. Among those who have a high score on the "assertive" trait, many have jobs in which they are valued for their organizational skills as well as their talent for supervising others.

You are not interested in fading into the woodwork, leaving everything to fate, taking more time than necessary to accomplish a task, or avoiding confrontation.


Also I'm sorry I never post anymore ;; I twitter a lot, and it seems silly to post things in 2 places. Still here, reading friends page and communities, but not a lot of posting going on

Writer's Block: Available: 3 bedroom, 2 bath, with hot and cold running chills

Would you live in the perfect house or apartment rent-free if you found out a brutal murder had taken place there and it was rumored to be haunted? Why or why not?

Yeah. I dig ghost stories and haunted houses and stuff. Also, while I love to think ghosts and stuff exist, I don't really believe in them and I doubt I'd ever turn down a rent free living situation based on superstition :U

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Things I did today:

Woke up at 4 pm
Accidentally insulted my favorite artist. Back to being internet silent, because no matter what I say, all of my opinions are terrible.

Go self, you rock.


It's that time of year again

Anime Boston RAGEFACE time.

idk. I don't have a lot of rage left for this particular pile of dumbfuck. They've pretty much proven year after year that the woman running it is just so incredibly incompetent that it's not going to get any better until she's gone.

She apparently decided that anyone asking for an 8 foot table and nothing less DID NOT GET A TABLE. Not even included in her list or the waitlist, their applications were simply thrown out e__e why...even fucking offer it then, I wonder?

They continue to offer cheap table and small increments of space because 'everyone should get a chance'. NO. NO. YOU FAILED. GTFO. NOT everyone gets a chance. Run your damn artists alley like everyone else. Charge $50-60 for half a table, and $70-80 for a full table, include reg in that, and you will INSTANTLY weed out all the derpy little kiddies who only want to come for a day, don't have anything to sell, and essentially waste everyone's time e__e

And if that's not enough to limit the number of people signing up, do what other large anime cons do and FILTER. If someone can't prove they actually have something to sell, don't bother giving them space! We're all tired of seeing kids in the alley selling $1 sketches and getting bored by friday afternoon, leaving an empty table all weekend e__e

Above all, STOP WITH THE SILLY 2ft TABLE SPACES. That's so dumb. Quality over quantity, and it would make the job of passing out tables and setting up the alley a million times easier!

Honestly, after 5 years of this, I'm so tired of the excuses from this woman and the general clusterfuck that is sign ups for this con. There's never any notice of the day of sign ups, though they instantly fill up, the woman running it OBVIOUSLY plays some sort of favorites, she's constantly complaining on the forums that we're so MEEEAAAANNNN for asking her to be competent and keep the list organized and not FUCK US ALL OVER, and generally has this wonderful grade school mentality of 'oh we need to make this super friendly and cheap for everyone!'.

JFC. Get someone competent in charge for a change anime boston. In the meantime, I will be going to FCN and FAU, because FURRIES know how to run their cons.

oh and fyi, we noticed none of the furs got tables this year ;3 your prejudice is showinggggg.

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Dear downstairs neighbor kids

shut the fuck up, or the next time I hear you playing guitar or guitar hero or what ever the fuck it is you do at 4 am, I'm going to come down their and slap you little fuckers stupid. There is no reason for this noise. Oh, and stop fucking pounding on my damn door. I dunno if you were on your way out and bumped into it or what, but it went on for at least 20 minutes this morning, and I could hear you like you were sitting in my living room. NOT FUCKING OK. The last lady had a bunch of very young children, and still managed to keep them quieter than you loud fuckers, so I know it's not just the house. KEEP IT THE FUCK DOWN.

oh, and I know it's not just me being pissy. My landlord's girlfriend hears it too, and I guess there's really not a lot that can be done about it. :B BUT STILL. I'm getting really fucking tired of constantly hearing these kids in the middle of the night. I know their dad works nights, which is probably why they're always up being stupid, so I'm sure there's nothing that can be done about them being little shits, but I still wish they would shut up.
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fursuit pet peeves

Because. I'm tired and irritable and I feel like hating on something. plus I have to stare at a picture of a bunny suit and it looks like a damn dog and it just annoys the piss out of me. e___e

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blah blah blah I am a grouchy bitch dog today >:| probably because my heat is being a pile of suck and I'm fucking tired of being cold.
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I found most of the Avatar: the last airbender DVDs at Building 19 yesterday for $4 each. :D FUCKIN AWESOOOOOMMMMEEEEEEE. Just the first 2 of each season, but still :B was an awesome score.